About our company

Sapler a.s. is a company producing and selling especially printed carrier bags. Our employees are mainly disabled people. The company was founded in 1998 and started as a small company focused on business.

During expansion of our company we could count on many years of experience in market of packaging materials. We gradually developed into a company with 90 employees.

Nowadays we own several machines producing foils, printings on it and then carrier bags.

We can offer you goods with two-sided printing with up to 8 colours according to your wishes. We are dealing individually with each order considering functionality and utilisation of goods that you request.

What can we offer

We are producing our foils especially from HDPE, LDPE and MDPE materials.

Nowadays is very popular production of ecological wrappage by using Oxo Biodegradable additives thanks to which foils from carrier bags decompose after some time in nature to substances treatable by microorganisms and thus not impacting environment.

According to requirements of customers even the carrieer bags and garbage bags can be produced from ecological foils containing Oxo Biodegradable additives.

Except the above mentioned goods we can offer you other consumable materials, such as blocked bags, cutlery, cups and others. We are also selling so-called “Party dishes“ used as disposable food packaging at garden parties and other occasions.

Further specification of the products we offer and possibilities of printing you can find in the section “Offer“ in the main menu.

Build to order

We also have a storehouse of packaging materials with about a thousand items and that’s why we are able to execute your order in a very short time. Standard delivery time of an order if the goods are on stock is between 1 to 3 days.

We specialize mainly on deliveries into shopping centres.


We will gladly answer your questions and we will try to find a best solution for your business. You can use our contact form or contact one of our commercial representatives who will discuss with you all your requirements.


Here below you can find a list of current vacancies. For further information, please use our contact form or e-mail address info@sapler.cz

What and how we produce?